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Digital Smile Design

Individual tooth movement for your individual smile

Unlike conventional treatment, which relies on plaster models and X-rays, SureSmile treatment starts with a detailed 3D computer model of your teeth, allowing your orthodontist to plan individual tooth movements using conventional brackets, lingual brackets, or clear aligners.

SureSmile orthodontic technology enables your orthodontist to create more accurate treatment plans that are designed to move your teeth to their correct positions more efficiently than ever, and thus improve the quality of your treatment results and cut your total time in braces by up to 29%.*

SureSmile technology helps your orthodontist achieve faster, more precise smile results.

  • Digital Scanning: First, your orthodontist will take a digital scan of your teeth in order to create a 3D model.
  • Diagnostics: Your orthodontist will use this 3D model to create a virtual simulation of your treatment plan.
  • Individualized Treatment: Using customized archwires based on your digital treatment plan, your orthodontist will move your teeth gently into their new, straightened positions.

* SureSmile has been shown to reduce treatment time by an average of 29%, based on a
March 2012 comparison of 7,042 patients treated with suresmile to the results for 200 conventionally treated patients.